Storytelling For Arts Organizations

storytelling for arts organizations by Zette Harbour
The Power of Story Is Yours

Are you getting your organization’s story across to the audience you’d like to attract?

In business being passionate about what you do isn’t always enough. It’s essential to be able to discern the perspective – the story – of those whom you serve. Equally important is how well you’ve developed and shared your story.

Do your board members and staff truly understand your story?

My trainings incorporate storytelling, leadership principles and active participation. New skills and awarenesses learned here will be immediately applicable in the workplace or boardroom.

What tools do you have in place that will ensure that they are fully engaged in delivering your mission?

Working closely with you, I design unique, highly interactive workshops and trainings to empower your stakeholders as they

  • build your audience
  • attract new resources
  • serve your clients

Participants learn the importance of a powerful story and how to deliver it in the service of your organization.

Leadership SLO 2012 The Story of Leadership led by Zette Harbour
Leadership SLO 2012

Zette Harbour

About the Presenter

Zette Harbour has been a professional storyteller and presenter for over 20 years. Her speciality is empowering through story and inspiring others to inhabit powerful stories. Zette has taught storytelling and leadership to groups of all sizes and diversity.

the story of leadership by Zette Harbour
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integrated business storytelling by Zette Harbour
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