Integrated Business Storytelling

integrated business storytelling by Zette Harbour

Listening is being ready to be changed by what you are hearing.

Rosalind Wiseman

Integrating storytelling into day to day business activities is essential and brings immediate benefits to your organization. This workshop highlights the importance of listening to, affirming, and responding to clients, team members and vendors.

#1 Relationships & Storytelling

I will guide your staff in engaging in the experience of storytelling and ensure that they arrive with very direct and meaningful understandings about the impact it has on relationships.

#2 Dynamic Communication

Apply this awareness to the dynamics of interacting with clients, vendors and team members. Team members will be able to identify where this is already happening, what elements may be missing, and how to incorporate them.

#3 The Why

The central experience of this training is easily translated into seeing the importance of receiving and conveying a story from a why perspective. It emphasizes the key role that your client’s why plays in the team member effectively communicating how your two stories overlap and how it’s possible for your business to become a satisfying part of their story.

This training empowers participants and gives direct experience of the value of integrated business storytelling.  90 – 120 minutes dependent on group size.

Zette HarbourAbout the Presenter

Zette Harbour has been a professional storyteller and presenter for over 20 years. Her speciality is empowering through story and inspiring others to inhabit powerful stories. Zette has taught storytelling and leadership to groups of all sizes and diversity.

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