5 Ways to Teach With Story

Multiple Intelligences A number of years ago a neuropsychologist at Harvard University, Howard Gardner, proposed that the way we thought about intelligence needed some revision.  Gardner proposed that there were different types of intelligence and that each of us approach learning with a blend of these. “The basic idea is simplicity itself

Imaginal Yoga

Story Wisdom is a form of yoga. It is imaginal yoga. There is a wellspring of wisdom, intuition, and energy poised within our unconscious mind. This is the border country between our ordinary consciousness and the singular, Universal consciousness from which all reality manifests.

Storytelling and Conscious Parenting

Last April, Mariah Joy Belt, Conscious Parenting Guide and I shared a wonderful conversation about storytelling with children as a way of exploring

A Child of Salt

When we set out on a journey of discovery – of who we are, who we wish to be – stories are an excellent mirror in which to see new aspects of ourselves. This story is a beautiful mirror that I discovered it in a book edited by Christina Feldman and Jack Kornfield. Enjoy my version of this […]

Personal Mythology

Storytelling is an excellent way to care for the soul. Thomas Moore All of our lives we have been telling stories… Stories about who we are; Stories about what has happened to us, Stories about what we’ve done.

Recovering The Feminine Creative

It’s a curious thing. Biologically, females are designed to create – literally. Yet, the conventional culture, what Riane Eisler describes as a dominator culture, emphasizes the masculinity of creating. The Feminine, I am told, is quiet, receptive and