Story Harbour

story harbour cd w 3 awards

Parents’ Choice Awards

Zette has a lovely voice and conveys the stories beautifully. This CD would be an excellent choice for a car trip, for bedtime or for a quiet story time at home. Kids will listen to the stories over and over and likely retell the stories themselves.

NAPPA Spoken Word Judge, Marilyn McPhie

Winner of 2016 Storytelling World Resource Awards for Storytelling Recordings

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Master of All Masters
Little Old Woman In A Vinegar Bottle
The Crane Wife
The Sound Of The Money
The Innkeeper’s Clever Daughter

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What listeners have to say…

The kids have enjoyed them. Ian said to pass on that “this lady tells very good stories. I have a picture in my head of people building spider webs up to the sky.” Last night they were listening to stories before bed and when I looked in on them they were taking turns acting out the story in the archway to the playhouse off the little boys’ room. It was awful cute. They were giggling so hard they could hardly carry on.


The richness of the story is only matched by Zette Harbour’s ability to draw you into it. Truly one of the best purchases I have made for my kids and myself. If you love a good story full of rich imagery that will envelop your imagination told by a beautifully soothing voice that just listening to melts the stress away, then do what I did and order this amazing disk.


Zette Harbour isn’t just good at telling stories, she’s a brilliant performer who can paint a beautiful picture in your mind with only her spoken words. Her story-telling style grabs your attention from the first word and has you listening with rapt attention. She gives the perfect voices to her characters and even includes accents based on where in the world the story originated. She adds excitement to her stories by speeding up and slowing down her speech, her tones rise and fall with the emotions in the stories. I could listen to Story Harbour, Vol. 1 repeatedly through the day and not get tired of it – I’m serious! Now, it’s all well and good that I like this CD, but what about the kids? They both love it as much as I do! My oldest has always been fond of folklore and was excited to hear it playing when he came home from school last week. He was being “cool” and nonchalant about it, though. Rather than dropping his bag and heading outside to “hang”, he sat in the kitchen and listened until the CD was over. And then there’s Little Guy. He’s just turned three and doesn’t have a lot of patience for many things. The first time I played Story Harbour, I was doing it for myself for this review. He was busy playing with cars, puzzles and guys all at the same time. After the first story, Anansi & Stories, I realized that it had gotten quiet – no more cars smashing into one another, no frustrated whining about a puzzle piece not fitting right, and I hadn’t been hit in the head with a flying elephant for some time. Nope – Little Guy was sitting on his little chair with his hands folded in his lap, intently listening to the stories! It was especially surprising because some of the vocabulary is beyond his understanding. I guess he was doing what I did with Grimm’s – just doing his best to understand. We’ve been listening to one story a night before bed lately. As he’s falling asleep, we talk about the story. I’m really liking this new ritual!

Alicia C.