About Zette

Every culture has a rich reservoir of folklore that offers entertainment, inspiration and wisdom.  These tales do so much more than simply entertain.  They resonate with universal human desires and feelings.  We learn things here that we might not learn in any other way.

We ponder, we laugh, and we grow in our understanding of our world and who we are in it.


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The Purpose of Story

We are each a collection of stories and we enact them every moment of our lives.

These stories can tell you that you can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t be who it is you are here to be, or they can empower and liberate you.

Too often, the most important secret is forgotten – they are not you.

Your stories are a vehicle. They allow you to move along through your life. Their purpose is to assist you in your travels, to get you from here to there. Imagine that you are riding in a canoe – a dugout canoe. Even though it is allowing you to move along, you are not the canoe.

Your stories are the canoe of your life. 😉

We each have the right to choose the stories we have about ourselves, our world, and our place in it. We each have the ability to design our own vehicle – maybe it’s time for a kayak.

What Is The Art Of Storytelling?

In my experience, storytelling is an art when the teller shares an authentic personal expression through the spoken word. It can be metaphorical or literal, but it is always true. Not necessarily factual, just true.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The experience of storytelling as art creates rich, inner pictures composed of color, shape, sound, sensation, emotion, and even, scent. Listening to a storyteller exercises, stretches and strengthens your imaginal muscles.

Storytelling activates empathy and self-understanding, inspiring the listener and giving greater definition to her point of view.


My Philosophy:

I believe that everyone deserves to be empowered to discover their purpose and to live with passion.

I believe that at the core of who you are – you are a collection of stories.

I believe that you arrived here with the right to choose what those stories are.

I believe that I’m here to bring empowering, inspiring and evolving stories to life to let you see just how many choices you have and how powerful you can be.



Build community through storytelling article by Zette Harbour in New Times SLO