Recovering The Feminine Creative

It’s a curious thing. Biologically, females are designed to create – literally. Yet, the conventional culture, what Riane Eisler describes as a dominator culture, emphasizes the masculinity of creating. The Feminine, I am told, is quiet, receptive and

The New, Old Idea of Partnership

When Darwin wrote The Descent of Man, he mentioned survival of the fittest twice and he mentioned the word love 95 times. Marc Ian Barasch, Field Notes on the Compassionate Life, quoted from the movie, I Am

What’s Your Online Story?

Aim Smart No matter where you are right now, or where you want to be in your business, your online storytelling is central to your success. There are a number of readily accessible tools that can help you to… Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you. Todd Wheatland, Head […]

Why I Became A Caring Economy Conversation Leader

Story is the most powerful force in the world. Like the singularity from which the Big Bang emerged, our story provides the core of our identity. My story about who I am, the nature of the world, and my place in it deeply, and overtly, influences all of my thoughts and actions. Story can be made […]

The Power of Partnership Culture

In her book, The Chalice & The Blade, noted author, social scientist and member of the World Future Council, Dr. Riane Eisler led us on a journey exploring 30,000 years of human history. What she discovered was a revolutionary perspective on human relationships. Her book presents a radical, fresh understanding of the origins of human culture and […]

Give Me Sanctuary!

Within you, there is a space – quiet, potent, dynamic and still. Drink from those waters and be restored. It is widely understood that negative stress is a leading cause of illness. The antidote to this lies within each one of us. While we cannot always change what happens in our lives and in the world, […]