Imaginal Yoga

Story Wisdom is a form of yoga. It is imaginal yoga. There is a wellspring of wisdom, intuition, and energy poised within our unconscious mind. This is the border country between our ordinary consciousness and the singular, Universal consciousness from which all reality manifests.

Woman of the Sea as a Mirror

Selkies are faeries of the sea and there are many different versions of their stories. They take¬†the shape of a seal when they are in the water and when they come to land, they may shed their seal skins and take human form. If you come upon a Selkie in its human form, find its […]

Folklore As Dream Work

In a recent article on Forbes, Jordan Shapiro shared this quote by Marie-Louise von Franz. It echoes my experience of folktales throughout my career as a traditional storyteller. I first recognized the potency and power of these tales while reading Rumpelstiltskin to my daughter. The Story Wisdom, in these tales that have been distilled over […]

The Handless Maiden As A Mirror

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected many folktales in the early 1800’s. The Handless Maiden is one of the tales from their first volume entitled, Kinder- und Hausm√§rchen. (Children’s and Household Tales) This story of a young woman whose hands are cut off by her father as a result of his mistaken promise to a dark […]

See The World As Yourself

  Mirror, Mirror People and experiences that come into our lives are expressions or reflections of what is already inside of us. A piece of our interior world come into 3 dimensional relief before our very eyes. It’s easy to think that they are there for some reason other than what their presence awakens within […]