The Child of Salt

child of salt 2.jpg

One of my favorite stories is a traditional tale published in Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart. It tells of a “child made all of salt who very much wanted to know where he had come from.”

In the video below, I’ve reframed the story a bit. This child had a powerful desire to learn of her origins and so she set out on her journey, traveling through many forests, across deserts and over mountains. She didn’t know what it was that would tell her the truth of herself.

Finally, she came to the shore of a great ocean. The harmonics of the waves, the particles of ocean floating in the air, the colors of the water – all spoke to her in a language both new and familiar. The ocean beckoned her, saying “if you wish to know who you are….do not be afraid….join with me.”

The salt child took a step into the ocean and her foot began to dissolve. Then, she walked further and further into the water. She dissolved a little more with each step, and yet continued her walking into the sea.

Her heart was light as her body was dispersed, and she said, “Ahhhhh, now I know who I am!


The search for your true identity – your true nature – can fill your entire life. In this story, the child of salt travels the world with a sense of openness – waiting for the truth to make itself known.

She is listening.

Tuning into your deeper truth will always bring you what you are looking for. It is through listening that you find your way home.