See The World As Yourself


Reflections by Julia Nowak

Mirror, Mirror

People and experiences that come into our lives are expressions or reflections of what is already inside of us. A piece of our interior world come into 3 dimensional relief before our very eyes.

It’s easy to think that they are there for some reason other than what their presence awakens within us. Seeking the truth of what it is within us that is being expressed takes effort and dedication. We have been taught that they live ‘out there’ when the truth is, we don’t see them as they are, we see them as we are.

We tend to attribute the pleasant or positive experiences to good fortune or to our own efforts. Unpleasant people and experiences nearly always seem to be ‘happening to us’ rather than happening within us. Yet, there it is.

Drugs & Laundry

We can only experience in ordinary reality that which has a resonant and receptive field within us. Our very cells demonstrate this principle. Cells have receptors for all types of substances. The only way into a cell is by binding with the receptor specific to that substance. For example, as Candace Pert notes in Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind, if we did not already have a natural opiate receptor, synthetic forms of opiates would have no effect on us.

The same is true of people and experiences. We must have some resonant energy within us to which they bind. Our interior landscape must possess the framework that sustains the perception we have of them. Think of it like hanging up your clothes to dry. Whether you hang your clothes on a line or on a rack, they must have some framework upon which to rest.

Once you see the framework, then you can begin to shift what appears in your life.