Keep Your Eye On The Leprechaun

Courtesy of DSGNMomOnline I’ve always enjoyed the tales of the fine Irish lads who come across the gnarled, grizzled, tiny bootmaker, also known as the Leprechaun. There are a few versions, all ending the same way. An underlying theme is the young man’s desire to achieve success “the easy way”, forcing the Leprechaun to give […]

Are You A Perfect Wife?

Courtesy of Children’s Literature Network Nasrudin, that wisest of fools, manages to get right to the heart of any matter. In this story, he is asked by an excited, young friend of his who is himself about to be married, whether or not the Mulla had ever wished to be married. Nasrudin relates that he, […]

Tale Number 89 – The Grimmest of Them All

You can purchase this print at It’s ironic to me that the Brothers Grimm were so named, since so very many of the tales they put to paper have very grim elements.  Recent programs, Once Upon A Time and Grimm are attempting to recapture that original spirit.  It hasn’t been apparent from the whitewashed […]

The Selkie Woman

Courtesy of The MerBlog One of my favorite tales is a selkie story I found years ago in a book of folktales, by Katherine Briggs.  The selkie is a being that takes the form of a seal when in the sea and sheds it’s skin to walk about as a human on land.  It’s said […]

A Coastal California Visit From St. Nicholas

This is my version of A Visit From St. Nicholas, Courtesy of Eagle Wing Whale Watching written by Clement Clarke Moore, also known as “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Story Teller, Zette Harbour reads  A Coastal California Visit From St. Nicholas To hear more of Zette Harbour’s stories, visit the Zette Harbour Amazon store. ©copyright Zette […]

Dumb, Dumber, or just plain Stupid

There are many stories about the Sufi wiseman/fool, Nasrudin. They are among my favorite stories. I always enjoy his upside-down wisdom. I enjoy sharing these stories when I perform because not only do the alter the perspective of the listener, they often alter the pattern of performance. By this I mean that we’re accustomed to […]