Dumb, Dumber, or just plain Stupid

There are many stories about the Sufi wiseman/fool, Nasrudin. They are among my favorite stories. I always enjoy his upside-down wisdom. I enjoy sharing these stories when I perform because not only do the alter the perspective of the listener, they often alter the pattern of performance. By this I mean that we’re accustomed to a particular rhythm in our stories – the badum, bump and ta da.
Nasrudin stories, like a number of indigenous cultures’ folktales, are more bump, ta, badum, da.

A philosopher, having made an appointment to dispute with Nasrudin, called and found him away from home. Infuriated, he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote “Stupid Oaf” on Nasrudin’s gate.

Courtesy of Forest Street Kitche

As soon as he got home and saw this, Mulla rushed to the philosopher’s house. “I had forgotten,” he said, “that you were to call. And I apologize for not having been at home. Of course, I remembered the appointment as soon as I saw that you had left your name on my door.
Badum, da. 

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