What’s Your Online Story?

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Aim Smart

No matter where you are right now, or where you want to be in your business, your online storytelling is central to your success. There are a number of readily accessible tools that can help you to…

Leverage the strength that you have: that no one else can be you.

Todd Wheatland, Head of Strategy, King Content


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It’s vital to begin by identifying achievable, optimistic goals and the steps necessary for reaching them. For some organizations increasing their online community is a great start. Sharing content that is relevant and useful gives your followers a reason to engage with you and to carry your story to others.

The 3 W’s

Often, when crafting our online story, we focus on showing What We Do – and it’s important for you as a business to understand the what and how of your particular offering. It can be more challenging to express the story of Why We Do what we do. In designing your online story, it’s essential to remember that your potential clients or partners will be most influenced by ‘Why?’ Why do we do what we do? And then, make sure to answer the question, ‘Who?’ Who needs or wants what we do?

Walking through these inquiries is a lot like going into the woods – it’s important to have a clear map and even better to have an experienced guide.

Built For Story

Our brains learn best through story. It’s a model that’s been shown time and again to be the most effective way to transmit knowledge and influence behavior. Stories are information + feelings.

People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers. But to encourage your audience to take action, you need to move beyond storytelling to “story-doing.

Ariana Huffington, via Marketing Profs

Decisions Mean Doing

Contemporary neuroscience has demonstrated that we make decisions micro-seconds before our minds actually think the thoughts. What we experience as conscious decision-making is really the mind choosing evidence that backs up what we are already feeling – what we’ve already chosen.

According to BBC News: “Most of the beliefs or opinions you have come from an automatic response. But then your logical mind invents a reason why you think or believe something.”

Take A Look

What story are you telling with your website layout, your social media profile pictures and cover images, and your shareable content?

Is it creating the kinds of feelings you want your community and clients to have about you?

If you are unsure and would like a guide with strong narrative fluency and tech know-how, share your story with me, and let’s see what kind of happy ending we can craft together.