Gamers, TED, Ego & Saving the World

I am a huge fan of TED Talks. If Jane McGonigal and Malcolm Gladwell are correct, I may one day have a Masters degree in TED.

I really like Jane’s outside-of-ordinary-reality thinking style. I like that she is willing to allow for possibilities that “rational” people may not be comfortable with. 
I like that she understands that imaginal thinking is a powerful and profound way to transform ordinary reality, and that she has taken concrete steps to make that happen.

It makes sense to me that gamers are passionate about gaming because they experience the satisfaction and accolades after engaging in epic quests. (I’m not a gamer, so if I’m wrong, feel free to post a comment below) To experience such virtually unlimited success is a tremedous ego booster.

I find it incredibly exciting that her research tells her that gamers are

After watching the TED talk, I wondered if the gamers experiences and attributes were really pointing to the idea of creating a defined, empowered identity, and that this was a key to how to use gaming to empower the world and create positive change.

When I work with people in understanding and reframing their story, I see that when we are able to consciously craft an empowering story of who we are, we are most able to identify goals and the actions we must take to reach them. We are also empowered to take those actions.

So, my question is….

Is there a game, an online, multi-player game in which the players come away with an identity that empowers them in the physical, day-to-day world?

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