What kind of stories do you tell?

I specialize in multicultural folktales. It isn’t known exactly how many exist, but the resource appears to be fairly limitless.

Do you tell stories to children?

I perform for all ages – from wee ones to our elders. Story has a place in everyone’s life and most often it is the adult who came to the event “for their kids” that is thoroughly amazed by the impact storytelling has had on them.

Where do you tell stories?

I’ve performed stories in nearly every venue you can imagine. Indoors, outdoors, in front of a thousand people, and for only one listener. A short list of events I’ve performed for are retreats, business conferences, festivals, volunteer recognition banquets, campouts, libraries, school assemblies, classrooms, and my own workshops.

What books do you use?

Storytelling is an oral tradition so there are no written words involved in the performance.

How do you remember all those words?

I learned from a great storytelling mentor, many years ago, that we learn “by heart”, not by rote memorization. The stories become like family and I simply take the audience along with me when I go to visit.

Why do you like folktales?

In my 20+ years, I have found such a treasure of humor, wisdom, joy, and triumph in these tales. To some they may seem simple, but to me they are mirrors that reflect our human experience and offer insights into our lives today. My role, as storyteller, is to bring them to life in such a way that they reflect something meaningful to you, so that you take them with you and make them your own.

Do you teach storytelling?

Yes! I love working with children and adults as they explore their unique storytelling voice and style. I have taught through Cal Poly Extended Education, Cuesta’s College For Kids, storytelling festivals, and a number of school districts and summer camps, as well as individual coaching.

Do you have any CD’s?

Yes, I’ve recorded 3 CD’s, although only 1 is currently available. Story Harbour, vol. 1 received 3 awards – Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, NAPPA Honors Award, and the Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award. Read more about it here.

Can you speak at our group?

Absolutely! I love presenting to groups and tailor the topic according to your needs. Set your Virtual Coffee Date and we’ll chat for about 20 minutes.