Choose What Story You Live

beautiful tree with roots diving into the earth

Who are you?

Life will go on so long as there is someone to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen.

Oren Lyons

Storytellers tell stories and in doing so point to the real truth.

We are all a story.

Storytellers have one of the most wonderful opportunities in life. We get to choose what stories we tell, and more than most, we are aware that we get to choose what stories we live.

The story we live plays out in our daily feelings, words and actions. Most often, we don’t even realize that we are enacting a story – one that we’ve taken on by default, or by education. The eyes to see this truth open when a powerful teacher asks the right questions, sometimes over and over.

Oren Lyons has a story about who he is, like we all do. It is the questions, the answers, and finally, in the listening to what is deep within, that the real story of who he is rises to the surface. It is the same for each one of us.

So often, the most powerful truth is discovered in the quietest moments. This story is one of those quiet moments. It’s incredibly rich, but if you aren’t still enough, you might miss it. If you don’t understand that the story of who you are is for you to unearth, and for you to choose, you might not see it.

Your true nature is embedded within and waits only to be unfolded. The tree effortlessly becomes because it only has that one story – tree.

Learn your true story and then …. Be that story.

Oren Lyons “is a member of the Onondaga and Seneca nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. As an activist for indigenous and environmental justice, Oren works with communities across the globe.”