The Birds & the Bees of Business Storytelling

close up of beautiful white flower with brilliant crimson center

Photo: Julia Nowak

There really is only one way to be successful in business.

Be a flower.

Think about how flowers tell their stories. They use color, aroma, shape, and texture to transmit the story of their particular species.

Their customers drop in, enjoy their nectar of choice, and exchange a little pollen on the side. The pollination is a bit of a side-effect, really. If the blossoms didn’t deliver what the bugs needed, then no pollination, no new flowers.

In the human world, businesses want to understand how best to tell their story to potential and existing customers, with good reason.

Just as the flower thrives because of the bee and butterfly, a business only succeeds by attracting and serving its customers. The pollination – payments and referrals – are the beneficial side-effect, not the purpose of the organization.

Narrative fluency is one of the keys to understanding the most potent aspects of your business story, and in delivering it effectively. A story mentor has the ability to key in to your organization’s colors, aromas, shape, and texture as the framework for your corporate story. She also has the ability to imbue a sense of fluency in you and your team.

Attract customers who are seeking your particular ‘flower’ and not only will you experience pollination, you will build a loyal base of ‘bees’ that will let others know how to find you.