Are You A Perfect Wife?

Courtesy of Children’s Literature Network
Nasrudin, that wisest of fools, manages to get right to the heart of any matter. In this story, he is asked by an excited, young friend of his who is himself about to be married, whether or not the Mulla had ever wished to be married.

Nasrudin relates that he, indeed, did once desire to marry. In point of fact, he had held the vision of marrying the PERFECT wife.

So, the Mulla, Nasrudin, tells how he set out into the world, searching for that very creature – the Perfect Wife. He travels to a great city and there he meets a woman who is beautiful (a must), kind (another must), and intelligent (essential). Sadly, Nasrudin sees that she knows nothing of the World and he feels that a truly perfect wife has this trait along with all those others.

After travelling to the next city, there again, he meets a woman who has all these traits and is worldly as well as spiritual. Aha! What a find! Alas, they do not communicate well – curious, isn’t it?

Finally, his search culminates in a third city. Here he meets a woman who embodies all those traits of the the other two, AND she is an excellent communicator! At last, he has found the PERFECT WIFE!

…………………………………..”but, Mulla, you did not marry her?”

“Ahhh, to my dismay, 

SHE was looking for the PERFECT HUSBAND.”

Courtesy of JustMorocco

Nasrudin has held up a delightful mirror within which we can see ourselves.  How often do we seek ‘perfection’ in others while never taking the opportunity to observe ourselves. 
“Be the change you wish to see.”

Also, be the kind of person you wish most to have close to you in your life. 

Cultivate kindness, compassion, wisdom, humor, worldly understanding and an appreciation for the spiritual connection within yourself. 
Become your own ‘perfect wife’ – who knows who or what will coming looking for you?

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*story from Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart, edited by Christina Feldman & Jack Kornfield