A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

We’ve all heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Courtesy of HellintheHallway

Today, I wondered what would a sheep in wolf’s clothing be?
I’m narrating Peter & the Wolf this coming Sunday for the San Luis Obispo Symphony’s Family Concert and historically, stories about wolves are dire.
Our deep fear and prejudice of wolves must be projection of our frightening, predatory selves since the actual incidence of wolf attacks on humans is quite low. 

I think we just don’t want to think about being eaten.

We don’t mind that we eat, though.  We don’t mind that cows and chickens and turkeys and fish and lambs and deer and rabbits, and in some parts of the US, possum, are regularly slaughtered and eaten by humans, by us.

Wolves are big medicine.  They symbolize our desire to have an unbreakable connection to our pack, a clearly defined identity in that pack, and an untainted relationship with Nature.  
The howling is pretty impressive, too.

In my version of Peter & The Wolf, I’d like to see the wolf get her dinner and go free, but she’s probably safer going to the wolf rescue center in order to not be hunted again. 

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