3 Guidelines to a Story Swap

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What Is A Story Swap?

A Story Swap is the tradition of inviting anyone to step up and tell a story. It’s a great way for new tellers to gain experience in front of listeners and for practiced tellers to work on new, short stories.

Story Swap guidelines:

  • Stories of 10 minutes or less
  • All stories must be told – no reading of material
Questions you may have:
What if I’ve never told a story on stage before?

Fledgling tellers are encouraged and supported in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.  The Story Swap Moderator keeps everyone comfortable and at ease.

How old do I need to be?

We recommend ages 8 – 17 for the Kid’s Story Swap.  The Adult Story Swap is for 18+.

Can I make up a story?

Original stories are great – just make sure it’s 10 minutes or less.