5 Ways to Tell Stories To Your Kids

You’ve always wanted to tell stories to your children, but you feel self-conscious, or silly.  You know your kids love to hear stories, but you just don’t know very many by heart. Here are 5 simple ideas for breaking through to comfortable and fun storytelling for your kids. 1.  Choose a beautiful and lively picture […]

Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner 2011

Story Harbour, Vol. 1 Fall 2011 Storytelling Ages: 4 & Up Producer: Novo Harbour Unlimited   Review: This CD collection features six tales from around the world (West Africa, “Anansi & Stories”; Russia, “The Innkeeper’s Clever Daughter”; England, “Master of All Masters” e.g.), as told by Zette Harbour. As with many folktales, there are messages […]

3 Guidelines to a Story Swap

What Is A Story Swap? A Story Swap is the tradition of inviting anyone to step up and tell a story. It’s a great way for new tellers to gain experience in front of listeners and for practiced tellers to work on new, short stories. Story Swap guidelines: